What is Stump Grinding?

It is true that getting your tree cut is as simple and straightforward as any home improvement or repair project can be. It does require skills and hard work, but there is nothing complicated about it. However, your primary concern as a property owner is the unsightly stump that the tree leaves behind. At first, you do not feel like there is a need to get rid of it since it looks harmless. Nonetheless, after a week or so, you realise it is more than just a nuisance.

So, in getting rid of that stump, you have two ideal options. The first one is to grind or completely remove it. In this article, we will discuss what the differences are in stump grinding and removal.

Removing the Stump

In stump removal, the objective is to remove the roots as well as the stump. Although it generally is the complete strategy, it is time-consuming and utterly challenging for an average homeowner. In fact, we strongly emphasise that a professional stump removal expert handle it instead. The fact that the removal involves the roots means there is a need for equipment, not just hand tools or chainsaws. The bigger the tree, the more challenging it is to get to the whole root ball. If you do not have a clue what we are talking about, think of the possibility that the root ball could be about ten times the size of the trunk of the tree. Let us say you managed to dig out the roots; the next issue you have to deal with is the big hole in the ground. Well, it takes added effort to replant a tree in it or fill it up with other stuff.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding – Tree Ninja, on the other hand, is the more straightforward process, and there even is a chance for a property owner like you to do it without paying for professional services. The most significant difference between stump removal and grinding is that the latter does not require a lot of hard work like that of digging holes and pulling roots out of the soil. You only need a grinder and start grinding the stump to a pulp. You can use the small pieces as the base for covering the ground later. Hence, you end up removing the stump without digging a hold. After stump grinding, you expect the roots to die and decay in time.

Just like removal, you do not have to perform stump grinding – Tree Ninja on your own. There are more than enough professional stump grinding experts out there readily available for your stump grinding needs. If you feel like you do not have the time, skills, tools, or the commitment to do the job, there is no blaming you for that. In fact, it is way better to hire a professional for a minimal fee since you are confident in the success of finally removing that annoying tree stump on your property.